The Action Team and the Associates

Action Management is proud to have been able to acquire an excellent team of well qualified and knowledgeable people. This team is made out of staff and associates. All these people have their official qualifications and have their own area of specialization.

We have worked hard to create a team that will assist you in a way you can work with. Reports and suggestions, presented to you, are easy to understand, prepared on a practicable basis, without all the theoretical slang that nobody understands.

The Major Players

Principal of Action Management: Herman Kooke, RPA

Herman has extensive business management, accounting and financial management experience both in Canada and internationally, owning and operating businesses in Europe and Canada.

For the past twelve years Herman has been an independent accountant and management consultant, offering his services to a variety of clients in the manufacturing, wholesale, retail and service industry, including societies, financial investment firms and the medical profession. Herman's areas of expertise focus on accounting, business management, consulting, devising budget schedules, cash flow/sales projections and preparing financial statements and reports for income tax and litigation purposes.

Herman has a strong computer literacy with many software applications, too numerous to mention.

Herman's goal is to assist national and international businesses by providing them with the resources that Action Management has acquired at rates that are competitive. He brings valuable years of experience to a company that would hire the Action Management team. He would welcome an opportunity to discuss this further in person, or by e-mail. If you have specific question or concerns, please e-mail him at: Action Management.

Following is a brief outline of Herman's education and practical experience.

  • Managing/operating wholesale company and wood related manufacturing industry, exporting to 60 countries. (Shareholder) (The Netherlands)
  • Managing/operating a retail company. (Partner) (The Netherlands)
  • President/owner of a retail & wholesale company. (Canada)
  • President/owner of an accounting firm. (Canada)
  • President/owner of Action Management, Kelowna, B.C. (Canada)
  • Accounting (RPA) (Equivalent to M.B.A. education, received in The Netherlands)
  • Business consulting
  • Business organization
  • Financial management/planning
  • Computer fluency
  • Management experience in manufacturing
  • Management experience in wholesale
  • Management experience in retail
  • Personnel management on a team basis
  • Establishing and implementing innovative concepts
  • Implementing relevant computer programs
  • International marketing

Providing Experienced Associates To Manage Your Projects

When you are looking for management counselling, opportunity analysis, efficiency upgrading, and when you have the need to grow, look to someone who has done these things in their own business. The Action Management team of associates is made up of people who have run businesses, locally and globally. With Action Management on your team, you gain the combined total of our years of " hands on" experience.

Following is a summary of our associate business skills:
  • Operational Strategy
  • Business Management
  • Product Development
  • Distribution
  • Manufacturing
  • Exporting
  • Government Compliance
  • Finance
  • Customs Compliance Issues
  • Marketing
  • Corporate Image Enhancement
  • Customer Service Management
  • Business Measurements & Control
  • Information Systems Networking
  • Software Solutions & Evaluation


Dear Friends or Colleagues:
Re: Herman Kooke, Action Management

Action Management has been in charge of my financial affairs for the past ten years. During that time I have come to trust Herman Kooke with all of my accounting and general financial advice. With a high income it is unusual to find an accountant who will stretch to find ways of reducing taxes while maximizing net income. Herman has done this very well in my case keeping me at a 22% tax rate for the last two years.

I have used other accountants, some of whom were with the biggest and most expensive firms. What I experienced was bigger and more expensive bills, less individual attention and no real person to person involvement.

Since I know you, I have referred Herman to you. He will call you in the near future and I encourage you to set a time to talk to him. He will discuss your needs and give you an estimate of how he can improve your situation, lower your accounting costs and save on taxes. I realize that you probably have an accountant already however I think a second opinion is always an option whether for one of my patients or for you in this instance. Take a few minutes and talk to Herman. You'll be glad you did.

Dr. Glenn Stirling D.C.

"Action Management orchestrated the sale of my business. As a result, I ended up, not only with a generous selling price, but also with a considerable amount of tax-free money in my pocket. With this money I bought another business."

D. S.

"They have assisted us since 1985. Today we have profitable stores and a healthy profit margin. The Action Management team knows what they are doing!"

Giao Hoang

"Through proper planning, good and understandable guidance and advise, combined with monitoring on a regular basis, Herman Kooke has reduced our taxes and increased my investments."

Arnold Hancock

"We are very pleased with the ideas that Action Management has produced. This is to the upmost importance to us, since we are operating internationally. They have produced ideas that have saved us personally, our business AND our employees a lot of money. We will continue to use their expertise in the future."

Dan & Marlene D.

"Thank you very much for all the work you have done for us. We have climbed out of the hole and we are now on top, making good profits. Thanks for all the good advise over the last few years. Keep up the good work."

R. U.

Action Management provides exceptional management, consulting and accounting services in Kelowna, BC
and throughout the province of southern British Columbia, Canada.
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